Lightspeed Magazine, October 2011

Lightspeed Magazine, October 2011

Author: John Joseph Adams

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 82 pages

Language: English

Published: October 1st 2011

Every month Lightspeed Magazine features all kinds of science fiction: from
near-future, sociological soft sf, to far-future, star-spanning hard sf, and
anything and everything in between:

We welcome back author Adam-Troy Castro, who brings us a story of complicated human relationships, in which the people involved have to question what it is exactly that makes us human in “Her Husband’s Hands.”

Justina Robson gives the story of a family separated — definitely in space, but also possibly in time — in “The Little Bear.”

In “Against Eternity” author David Farland takes us through a far-future transformation in pursuit of immortality.

And in the last, but not least of our fiction offerings this month, we have, from Candlewick Press’s new Steampunk! anthology, Cassandra Clare’s tale of a lonely girl and her clockwork dolls: “Some Fortunate Future Day.”